Wireless Networking

The world is going wireless!

And it’s a good thing! It allows everyone to be more productive on the move. Employees are becoming increasingly mobile. For businesses, wireless LANs increase employee productivity – whether at work, at home or on the road – but they also facilitate new service offerings for businesses such as conference centres, arenas, cinemas, hotels and hospitality venues, stadia and event locations.

High-density wireless use in such paces is becoming more prevalent. It enables fans to access and vote for man-of-the-match, for example, order food, place bets and so forth and is beneficial for fans, customers, visitors as well as venue operators/owners.

Affordable wireless networks that deliver coverage, security and reliability.

At All Seasons, we have many years of experience carrying out and supporting wireless installations in all of the places listed above. We understand what’s needed and how to make it happen.

We work with a number of suppliers whose products we know and trust. This arrangement enables us to be vendor independent, which means we can carefully and judiciously select products and systems and tailor a solution specifically for our customers. It also means we can shop around for the best price.

The 5 key elements of a superior wireless network:

• Resilience
• Bandwidth
• Coverage
• Reliability
• Security

Wireless network survey – the foundation to a high-grade installation.

Prior to designing a wireless network or carrying out installation, we firstly undertake a comprehensive survey of your premises, building or facility, incorporating the latest tools and techniques.

This enables us to map out the potential RF (radio frequency) coverage. We can then make sure you get it in all the areas you require (or inform you at the outset of those in which it is not possible). All of this information is documented and presented to you so you have it for reference.

Wireless indoor and outdoor.

External point-to-point (P2P) laser links, point-to-multi-point meshed systems – all designed for campus or metropolitan environments – can support data, voice and security transmission. We are masters in these areas.

Wireless networks.

We can seamlessly integrate a high-speed wireless LAN into your existing infrastructure. We offer a range of wireless solutions to suit all different corporate and business needs – including internal WLAN and hotspots.